Challenge others

challenge your partner or competitor on social media

The campaign is open to all interested companies and employers. You can challenge your partner or competitor to take a stand. You can use the “You have been challenged” images below by saving them to your computer.

Example text for twitter

You can use the text below when challenging others. Copy the text or use it as a source of inspiration.

We challenge (the name of the company being challenged, preferably tagged) to join the #eisyrji campaign. Let’s make working life equal to all, together. Work does not discriminate – neither do we! You can find more information about the campaign at


register your company

You can join the campaign by registering, which requires you to commit to promoting an open and non-discriminatory work culture. By registering, your organization’s logo will be listed on the campaign site.

You can also order campaign accessories and digital materials for social media, as well as trainings on workplace equality.

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