every worker counts

In a truly equitable Finland, equality should be self-evident. Discrimination should not hinder anyone’s employment or success at work. Non-discrimination benefits everyone, as every worker counts.

Non-discrimination is enshrined in the Equality Act. According to the law, the employer must promote equality, and the employer must not discriminate against workers or jobseekers. However, in order to eliminate workplace discrimination, raising awareness, changing attitudes, and collaborative spirit is needed.

trainings on discrimination

Companies that join the campaign are offered various trainings on workplace discrimination. You can order a training through the contact page, by filling out this form or by contacting katja.leppanen@ek.fi.

  • Training 1: Equality Specialist’s lecture and workshop on legislation requirements within a company (available on in Finnish)
  • Training 2: Experts’ background interviews and analysis of the company’s current state of communication of equality plans
  • Training 3: Expert’s inspirational lecture and workshop on the benefits of equality and diversity
  • Training 4: A workshop for planning the internal and external communication of the company’s equality and diversity

register now

You can join the campaign by registering, which requires you to commit to promoting an open and non-discriminatory work culture. By registering, your organization’s logo will be listed on the campaign site.

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Order trainings or campaign materials

You can also order campaign accessories and digital materials for social media, as well as trainings on workplace equality.

Order trainings or campaign materials